Shaking Things Up in College Athletics

KP Sports is one of the fastest growing companies in representing intercollegiate athletics in selling and marketing corporate sponsorship, ticket sales, and other revenue opportunities to companies and organizations locally, regionally and nationally.
After years of analysis and research, KP Sports created a model several years ago that is vastly different than all the others in the industry. While most companies follow a model that inherently creates barriers and prevents access to university and athletic administrations, coaches and staff, KP Sports has created a model that reinforces a true partnership between the collegiate athletic program and KP Sports. Our model breaks down the barriers and silos associated with the models that have existed in the industry and creates an environment where both parties work together to achieve outstanding revenue results.


KP Sports does this by focusing on Five Driving Principles:
– Extension –
KP Sports acts as an extension of its intercollegiate athletic partners instead of a replacement when selling corporate sponsorship and ticket sales
– Access –
KP Sports enhances the access to and from athletics to the corporate sponsors and clients
– Revenue Sharing –
KP Sports model is based on a true revenue share where both partners have incentives to work together to substantially grow
– Transparency –
KP Sports team approach creates transparency to the sponsors, clients and communities served by athletics
– Execution –
KP Sports greatest strength is in the execution of great ideas and strategies to achieve outstanding results that surpasses not only our partner’s expectations, but also those results of other competitors in the industry
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